One Second Sound Art

It takes self-obsessedly going up your own fundament to a whole new level. How very French.Andrew Pembleton-Fotherington-Wright

The project is an attempt at turning the mundane act of taking a shit into an artistic event. Inspired by John Latham’s One-Second Drawings, I wanted to create a sonic equivalent of the immediacy of spraying paint on a canvas, once a day.

The short curated extracts challenge the concept of “écoute réduite” advocated by Pierre Schaeffer, the founding father of electroacoustic music. When listening to such recognisable sounds, can we ignore their origin and only concentrate on their sonic quality? 

While the project could be construed as a piece of abject art, it is actually a way to challenge my own composition practice. Despite pretending that I’m at the forefront of sonic exploration, I’m reluctant and embarrassed to use such natural sounds in my more conventional compositions. It’s a shame because some of the sounds that come out of my butt are truly remarkable. I hope you take the time to listen.

Experience the project at the One Second Sound Art page.

Practical comment: the countdown is the same for every visitor of the page. It doesn’t depend on when you visit the page and will continue running even if you leave the page.

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