No more noise

No more noise tells the story of a sound escapade after a long day at work. The piece is inspired by the poem “Gare Isolée” by Belgian poet Maurice Carême who describes a tired traveller commuting back home by train.

Parfois un voyageur
S’arrête sur le quai,
Mais si las, si distrait,
Qu’il ne voit ni les lampes,
Ni le pinson qui chante,
Ni l’étoile qui pleure
En ce soir de septembre.

This musique concrete piece was composed for the 2017 Presque Rien prize. It features samples from Luc Ferrari’s sound archive as well as the recording of a chaffinch by FrancoisTJP.

Image by MMFE [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

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