In-between, longing

‘In-between, longing’ is the sonic interpretation of ‘Brise Soleil’ written by Michael Langan. The text tells a memory of Michael’s husband, the artist Henrique Neves, about an encounter with a boy when he was 6. The groups of words scattered on the page invite the reader to wander around to recreate their own version of the story.

Based solely on recordings of Henrique’s voice, ‘In-between, longing’ meanders infinitely through the possible versions of this formative experience.
The piece is infinite and generated from a code written in SuperCollider using a random seed.

Many thanks to Henrique for lending his voice to the recordings.
And a special thank you to Anette Pollner, and her creative coaching, which helped me finishing the piece.

The full code of the piece is available on and I’ve also written an article describing some of the techniques I’ve used to create the piece.

The version from seed 879 has been broadcast on Radiophrenia in November 2020.

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