One piece of sound art a day – Lessons learnt

In Autumn 2016, I started the first series of Instant Sound Art. The challenge was to create one piece of sound art in 30 minutes, every day. I wanted to recreate something akin to the morning pages practice recommended by Julia Cameron.

The experience lasted for a bit more than a month, and I learnt the following lessons:

  • In such a short time, minimal pieces came out best.
  • Select a few sounds and get the most out of them.
  • Use sounds as they are, effects are too time consuming to tune.
  • Panning is an effective way to create a less crowded listening field.

This experience was particularly liberating as it forced me to challenge my usual creative patterns. In particular, it helped me strive to finish something instead of perfect it. It didn’t work as a substitute to morning pages, as it’s too technical, but it’s an experiment I will definitely attempt again under the stricter rules of my vow of minimalism.

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